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mass incarceration (longer and more severe sentences as a way to compensate for under-policing) * [\_a\_00030/112647/THE-INJUSTICE-OF-UNDER-POLICING-IN-AMERICA1]( Understaffed police departments also tend to employ more violence. We can look


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volume of crimes that it needs to deal with, compared to other developed nations. Source: [\_a\_00030/112647/THE-INJUSTICE-OF-UNDER-POLICING-IN-AMERICA1](


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Regarding point 2.


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supply *increases* rents and leads to *more* displacement of existing residents. Sources:, 3/4. As you can see by looking around town, it’s currently more profitable in many places


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Adding to this, it looks like a [survey paper]( was released earlier this month that details a number of methods to do the task op is looking for. The bibliography


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your brain cells together you should try this thing called "reading".\_a\_01055/100977/Local-Effects-of-Large-New-Apartment-Buildings-in?redirectedFrom=fulltext [](