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blorg t1_j27pric wrote

seen, including yours, the upper mids look a lot smoother in the AE.,7Hz_Timeless,7Hz_Planar,7HZ_TIMELESS_OG Is that difference audible at all? You can see in all these measurements


TagalogON t1_jd4fjp2 wrote

Reply to comment by Kinshirider in Ea500 at 60$ on linsoul by donkashyap

with HBB target, switch to crinacle's/Harman/etc. target if you want less bass and so on:,Simgot_Ea_500,Truthear_Hexa,Moondrop_Aria,Olina_Se_S2 Timmy from Gizaudio finally uploaded a video about the Simgot EA500 about an hour