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carbosaurusrex t1_itxdrji wrote

early voting starts this Saturday. Good luck, hope you can find something. Edit to add:


RemyDWD t1_j25aj0t wrote

like it's [a week before the city council passed their local ordinance on the matter]( And the deadline state-wide for those ordinances was August 21. Which is the sort


Jctexan OP t1_j8ymjss wrote

sure what's confusing. Are you saying the community supports it? []( ​ The community doesn't support it. They fought it (was supposed to be a park, apparently) and lost. Multiple


Downtown-Prompt-6499 t1_jaqr04g wrote

ferries and French museums? The City should do a better job collecting the Payroll Tax


Delicious-Storm828 t1_jbk2dy5 wrote

trying to fight the corruption in this city regarding rent control. []( []( [](


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