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winter, is characteristic of some (but importantly not all) locations. For example, [Ruschy et al., 1991]( found similar patterns in portions of Minnesota and attributed these to tradeoffs between cloud cover, solar ... radiation intensity, and albedo (from snow) throughout the year. [Schwartz, 1996]( found a similar pattern over much of the northeastern US, but added a variety of other possible controls (e.g., seasonal humidity ... different patters in DTR (and subsequent work has proposed even more, e.g., [Durre & Wallace, 2001a](, [Dai et al., 1999](, [Portmann et al., 2009](


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talking about this and sharing the same articles saying the same thing for over 20 years? [\_2004\_017\_2626\_citpop\\_2.xml]( This study looks at snow accumulation


CrustalTrudger t1_j6mmjmb wrote and short (e.g., [Donat et al., 2013](, [Barlow et al., 2016]( time scales. The general point is summed up nicely by the title of the Kaniewski