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przyssawka t1_j1izih5 wrote For the first question at least. Never skydived in winter. \*Subjective\* nasal patency (the perception of airflow) and nasal airflow are two completely different things. The study I posted compares effects of different ... underwent concha reduction surgery (conchoplasty) or Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, to suffer from "[empty nose syndrome](", which is the subjective feeling of low nasal patency with optimal airflow


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boys share with their fathers. Also it seems that [according to this paper]( the Y chromosome has been subjected to intense selection forces that have Whittled it down to the size that


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even too much—sleep could increase your risk for Alzheimer’s disease." "[]( [](


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really tough environment, especially for the main users of the platform, which are young people."


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immunosuppression courses are [well-documented as increasing the incidence rate of](, graft [rejection](, and [infection.]( I would not call any of these "unrelated causes." An allograft


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compare these results against the students taking cocaine and in fact *does not even mention cocaine*. []( Did the kids experience less pain? Yes. Through the same pathway as drugs relieve pain


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where quality of life is more socially constructed and mortality is more biologically linked to health."


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passed. And returning the revenue from a carbon tax as an equitable dividend would [help]( a [little bit]( with [inequality](, while [creating jobs and growing


Swarna_Keanu t1_j19haew wrote]( And that graph makes it really clear how far the spread of coverage was - with some books doing substantially more. It also makes clear that the OPs press release mixed up average with


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instead we saw a positive relation that is hard to reconcile with libertarian views > >[]( Then when it comes to philosophy professors most are outright compatibilists. [ There