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paper ("verification theorem") originates mainly from the work of [M. Pavon (1989)]( and [P. Dai Pra (1991)]( Perhaps it is best to start with the [lecture notes ... topic, I can further suggest: 1. [W. H. Fleming and R. W. Rishel (1975)]( 2. [W. H. Fleming and H. M. Soner (2006)]( 3. [H. Pham (2009)](


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quick check: Did not read them


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empirical equations that have developed to try to estimate duration of shaking, specifically [Table 1]( from [Yaghmaei-Sabegh et al., 2014](, we can see that total moment


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survival rates with about 65% estimated to reach adulthood. Another study by [Bosch and Vicens 2006]( of the mason bee *Osmia cornuta* over several years reported an average of about 10 eggs ... eggs in her life, but mortality rates are typically above 90% ([Zalucki and Kitchling 1982](