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really bored or that way inclined I did write an essay series on this: []( []( [](


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didn't know it either but I found this blog post: [\~:text=Interesting!%20The%20training%20data%20contains%2020%20data%20for%20each%20class.%20The%20validation%20and%20test%20data%20do%20not%20have%20equal%20proportions ... 20are%20similar%20to%20the%20percentages%20of%20classes%20in%20the%20overall%20data%20seen%20in%20the%20Classes%20section](!%20The%20training%20data%20contains%2020%20data%20for%20each%20class.%20The%20validation%20and%20test%20data%20do%20not%20have%20equal%20proportions%20of%20classes%2C%20but%20the%20two%20have%20a%20similar%20distribution.%20And%20these%20are%20similar%20to%20the%20percentages%20of%20classes%20in%20the%20overall%20data%20seen%20in%20the%20Classes%20section).


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x200B; Hi, everyone! I invite you to read a [post / tutorial]( about metric learning. It includes the theory overview, practical examples with illustrations and code snippets written in [OpenMetricLearning ... model which performs on a SotA level using a few simple heuristics. Welcome to [read](!


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count as self promotion - just think this prediction is a bit too long for reddit :) [\_kubi/what-would-happen-if-ai-did-in-fact-replace-all-our-jobs-4e9385198c71](


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avoided or delayed as long as possible or even sought to destroy the choice entirely. Read []( We fear the choice. IMO destroying 'ASI' or 'AGI' is the same as killing


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kindergarten level easy to understand differences between these maps and the timing of the change? You live in an utter fantasy


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messages were mostly about. Try it out here: []( Code: []( Article: [](