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address what I mean by freedom [here]( and [here]( They were linked in the article as well. If you find anything specifically inaccurate or something that I can clarify


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specific facts create rights. Their application specifies what these rights are (I provide [this linked article]( an example, to show how constitutional principles applied based on reason, create rights). This resolves ... prioritization problem can be resolved by examining the meta-principles of certain rights (this [linked article]( is provided as an example of how our moral/legal rules of consent are based on meta


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hypothetical social contract, where free people accept certain reasonable non-rejectable principles (as described [here]( All of ethics is constructed in this metaphysical sense. Yet rights exist in that we have certain


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addressed hypothetical consent [here]( Summary: You can't have moral principles of actual consent without reference to the social contract, which relies on hypothetical consent. Actual consent depends on hypothetical consent