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Grapesoda5k t1_isp6kik wrote

parallel arguments based on nothing. Not one source has supported your argument in the desalination discussions.


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wonder how acidification of the oceans will affect phytoplankton... []( Oh... so we may want to start planting trees. A lot of trees


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Surprisingly, magnetism [has actually been observed in gasses]( but only at extremely low temperatures. The magnetic gas can be manipulated, in the sense that they can make the atoms repel each other


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back when MIT Engineers made headlines by [flying a small plane that had no moving parts]( Imagine what you could do with that if you had a constant, uninterrupted power supply coming


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light. [\_Plant\_project]( []( MIT uses another approach:


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task from just a few examples, without the need for any new training data. ]( Actual preprint and abstract: [What learning algorithm is in-context learning? Investigations with linear models](


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