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Molina - [Hey Kids]( Run The Jewels - [Thursday in the Danger Room]( Brymir - [Wings of Fire]( Unknown Mortal Orchestra - [So Good at Being in Trouble ]( Black Moth Super Rainbow - [Windshield Smasher]( Carpenter Brut - [Hang'em All]( Laibach - [The Whistleblowers]( Daoko - [okay!]( PUP - [Kids]( Swans ... Little God In My Hands]( Machine Girl - [Krystle - URL Cyber Palace Mix]( NERO - [Into The Night]( Woodkid - [Iron]( Gentle Giant - [Think


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Molina - [Hey Kids]( Run The Jewels - [Thursday in the Danger Room]( Brymir - [Wings of Fire]( Unknown Mortal Orchestra - [So Good at Being in Trouble ]( Black Moth Super Rainbow - [Windshield Smasher]( Carpenter Brut - [Hang'em All]( Laibach - [The Whistleblowers]( Daoko - [okay!]( PUP - [Kids]( Swans ... Little God In My Hands]( Machine Girl - [Krystle - URL Cyber Palace Mix]( NERO - [Into The Night]( Woodkid - [Iron]( Gentle Giant - [Think


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Gift of Gab*]( is cerebral and dense if you dig that. So is [*Aesop Rock*]( but I can't remember how profane he tends to be. [*Common Market ..., [*Blue Scholars*](, and [*Shad*]( are heartfelt but less dense than the other two. [*Watsky*]( grew up middle class if you relate to that experience ... Flobots*]( have a "fight the broken system" kind of vibe, but they might not be considered true "rap" or hip-hop. [*Wordburglar*]( is hella Canadian. [*Spose*](


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Karen Nyame - [Koko]( 2. FKA Twigs - [Papi Bones]( 3. Shygirl - [Firefly]( 4. Kali Uchis - [Tyrant ]( 5. Shygirl - [Tasty (Boys Noize Remix)]( 6. Trixie - [Safir]( 7. Alewya - [Ethiopia]( 8. Young T - [Don't rush]( 9. Tommy Genesis - [100 bad]( 10. Abra - [Unlock ... I tried but it's hard there are a lot of songs that are absolute bangers for me haha


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says “melancholy” is one of your preferred genres? You gotta check out my **[Elliott Smith playlist](** - a CD-R length of what I consider his best: (note: there’re two camps ... anger, Elliott Smith reflects my sadness. I did the same thing with **[(Smashing Pumpkins playlist)](**. Billy Corgan can totally ROCK … but he’s also sensitive/melancholy AF! Beck is another musical genius that ... diverse … I had to make a **[BECK (-down) playlist](** for his sad, melancholy stuff and a separate for his upbeat, funky good-time stuff … **[BECK (+up) playlist](**. Three other


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there, you just gotta make an effort. A quick Spotify search gives me [this 2022 playlist](, [2nd 2022 playlist](, [3rd 2022 playlist](, [best ..., [best of 2018](, [best of 2017](, [best of 2020]( and [2010’s rock anthems](


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think I am winning: * Poison Arrows (39) * Blackouts (283) * Thunderbirds Are Now! (609) * Feral Children (39) * Képzelt Város (637) * Kinetic ... Stereokids (49)


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John Cage, Quatuor Hêlios - Works of Percussion . In fact any album by John Cage([\_source=copy-link]( Paul Badura-Skoda - Beethoven Piano Sonatas ([\_sSByxV-MhkQjwUw ... source=copy-link]( ​ J Dilla - Donuts ([]( ​ Santana - Blues For Salvador. There's some lyrics on the odd track here and there but it's great ... stuff([]( ​ u/Glittering-Put7135


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Death's Dynamic Shroud]( they make really weird crazy electronic music like nothing I've ever heard it sounds like it was made in the year 2077, it's like an outer ... space acid trip [Jockstrap]( a prime example of music that tickles that little part of my brain, their music is so sonically pleasing in every way I just can't get enough ... vocals, the production, the lyrics - everything [Viagra Boys]( their lyrics are hilarious, and they make great punk rock bops, sometimes they can kind of go off the deep end in songs like


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this. Recently I've discovered the song [Go Fuck Yourself, by artist Two Feet](, and found that I really loved it. I tried to find similar songs through Spotify's "Song radio ... different artists that I think fit in this niche, in case it can help: [Omido - LSD]( [Rosenfeld - Like U]( [Labrinth - Mount Everest]( [The Tech Thieves - Fake ... [Silent Child - Fuck You]( Thanks


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every and any sense. My fave new to me artists: Heavy Stray from the Path - Johnny Booth - A bit less Heavy Destrage - Arcane Roots - Rap Chris Webby - Jarren Benton - General favourites - Korn, Radiohead, Dizzee Rascal, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Eminem


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Strangejuice - Colorblind]( [Strangejuice - Paradise]( [Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team - Ropes n' Roper]( [Brad Sucks - Making Me Nervous]( [King Gizzard ... Lizard Wizard - Nuclear Fusion]( [Here is my playlist with all sorts of genres:](


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magic lantern “holding hands” something super haunting and gorgeous about this track Andy bell love comes in waves - fans of the waxwings / spiritualized Heron such a late night drive ... with windows open in summer album Shameless plug, record my band released in November, recorded over covid in our studio, worked really hard on it, super proud of it. Love ... beginning middle and end closing track Full album Cheers y’all and thanks for the suggestions


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Been listening to Black Masses from Electric Wizard a bunch lately [](, different style than a lot of their earlier albums but still good. Can never go wrong with Fu Manchu [\_wvMgSUWU1KipSEi\_Yw]( Fun, sludgy release from PNW doom band Hoopsnake [\_n2hfASh6Te\_vpJI2KJQ](


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Tinariwen - [N'annufl'ay]( (Mali) Rome - [One Fire]( (Luxembourg) Of the wand and the moon - [Sunspot]( (Denmark) Behemoth - [Blow your trumpet Gabriel ]( (Poland ... Wolf Totem]( (Mongolia


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Undergraduate Opera Theatre: Dido and Aeneas]( * English Baroque era opera ([Spotify]( * 7:30 PM, Free, additional date: April 6 * Greenfield Hall, Manhattan School of Music * 130 Claremont Ave, Manhattan ... Glory featuring Twinkie Clark & The Clark Sisters]( * Contemporary gospel concert ([Spotify]( * 7:30 PM, $44-$85 * Peter Jay Sharp Building, BAM Howard Gilman Opera House * 30 Lafayette ... Wears Prada and Bleed From Within]( * Metalcore concert ([August Burns Red on Spotify]( * 7:30 PM, $42-$119 * Palladium Times Square * 1515 Broadway, Manhattan **Saturday, April 15** * [Sunrise


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screamo and I have a few favorite tracks from some favorite artists recently. State Faults- Baptism Birds in Row- A kid called dreamer Boneflower-vestiges Frail ... Body - old friends Enjoy


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Never heard them before, but I'd say they're Rapcore. Just like [Limp Bizkit](, [P.O.D.](, [RATM]( and [Linkin Park](


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Leaning more on the TOOL of things Hail the Void - [High and Rising]( REZN - [Relax]( Monkey3 - [Ellipsis]( [More 💀](


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Change](, [Altered Beast IV](, [Supreme Ascendancy](, and [Horology]( all prove this incredibly wrong


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have some [jazz](, [lofi](, [classical](, [electronic]( stuff here. All're instrumental


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from Baltimore and started a music project called [Lean Tee]( while I was living in Vermont. I recently moved back and while I've been playing a bunch of solo gigs ... synth bassist / sample triggering, and an acoustic drummer to play these kinds of songs: [Song 1]( (leans post-hardcore) [Song 2]( (alternative) [Song 3]( (dream