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Emergency landing - Lufthansa:** an issue was safely resolved that wouldn't have crashed the plane anyways. ​ >**Bird strike - not high-end carrier, but shit happens: ... didn't even come close to disaster. ​ >**Near collision - Delta and American:** Yes, these things occasionally happen and large investigations are opened after that to find the cause


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There's a thing called dye. [\_upscale():max\_bytes(150000):strip\_icc():focal(667x0:669x2):format(webp)/jet-li-1-2ac952250ddd4ac1af3c633eebc19153.jpg]( This picture shows that his hair is whitening. Even his brows


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crashes necessarily: Emergency landing - Lufthansa: Bird strike - not high-end carrier, but shit happens: Near collision - Delta and American:


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which loving lived with this family for 8 years before [snapping and killing the two children.]( Or this one, which nearly [cost her teen owner her leg]( Or this


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read and/or look up information. []( []( []( []( If you need more 'official' links, the producer's name is TIMOTHY MUCCIANTE and his official IMDB


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diamond in it, but it's set with the point facing outwards. [link to picture](


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secondary market. The reason is that [Harvey Weinstein personally owns the distribution rights to the movie](, allowed all of the distribution deals to lapse, and hasn't accepted Kevin Smith's offers


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Stemming off of this article: []( What kind of property change would the gold go through if melted today and made into another ring