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before anyone on this sub heard of Alvin Bragg Here is another one Here is 2019, before the pandemic: And another one from 2019:


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Former high school basketball player killed in Bronx drive-by shooting]( >To his family and friends, Jayden Goodridge could always be counted on to flash his big smile and even bigger


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Brooklyn food vendor attacked after denying assaulter free food: NYPD]( >A 59-year-old food vendor in Brooklyn was assaulted after refusing an assailant’s demand for free food last Wednesday


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arrested on murder charges in Brooklyn hit-and-run crash that left grandma dead, boy hurt.]( Court case ongoing with suspect still in jail due to bail being denied. [Driver charged


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fake or obscured plates:


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problem in recent years and it is happening more and more frequently. And so many more. I don’t know why it’s growing


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members who killed Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz and that guy was caught on video. [](