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wouldn't have been an advantage to using lead over gold. From [Geiger's 1910 paper]( on the early experiments: *"Gold appeared to be the most suitable substance for such comparative measurements ... number of sheets used. In fact, it appears that [lead was used in the early experiments] ( but it was less effective than gold - this was speculated to be due to impurities


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possibility* of unforeseen ecological impacts, especially if experts say those impacts are unlikely. []( []( As a matter of fact, the spread of the Aedes mosquito (responsible for most mosquito diseases


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From the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: []( Abstract: How do Great Gray Owls (Strix nebulosa) capture voles (Cricetidae) through a layer of snow? As snow is a visual barrier, the owls


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subduction of oceanic lithosphere and the general depositional history that characterizes these environments (e.g., [Holland, 2016]( As highlighted in this paper (and generally in many paleontology textbooks), the fossil record is relatively


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still dominates the energy density in radiation (see for example the first figure in [this article]( This is not light that was "emitted" per se; rather it is left over from


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Reply to comment by Augnelli in Employee masking forbidden? by s16016wb

difference between droplets and aerosols, as well as the impact on pandemic policies, see here: I hope you’ll reconsider insulting people in the future


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leave: African wild dogs \(Lycaon pictus\) use variable quorum thresholds facilitated by sneezes in collective decisions*]( **Abstract:** >In despotically driven animal societies, one or a few individuals tend to have