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nova9001 t1_ittxa5k wrote]( >First of all, it's 5,000 feet below ground. To get a hold of it requires pumping hydraulic fracturing (fracking) fluids, which could contain hazardous chemicals, into the ground along with


Crystal1501 OP t1_iufsqh7 wrote

which I just double checked myself - that all of humanity has a [common female ancestor]( If that's true, then humanity hasn't always had a deep gene pool


nedrith t1_ixwpod1 wrote

Actually it is! []( We evolved to stop things like blood pooling in our feet. Granted you'd have to be upside down for a really long period of time to die from


Scott_Abrams t1_j169zsw wrote]( Differential density. Your cavities (such as your lungs) and the gasses within get compressed when the shock wave hits and your tissues rupture when the pressure is transmitted through the water and through


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right conditions. 😁 More seriously, I'm no aviation guy but gliders tend to have [longer wings]( and are light particularly because of their lack of engines. So while traditional planes can glide


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interesting thing happens if you make them big enough, as [Buckminster Fuller realized.]( If you have a geodesic sphere a half a mile in diameter, the air inside it weighs about thousand