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Empire Magazine Top 20]( * [British Film Institute's Sight and Sound Top 20]( * [Winners of the Big Five Academy Awards]( * [Highest-grossing film record holders ... The films I'm gonna add just have to be high-quality, culturally significant, cinematically influential, or incredibly popular, as stated in the list description. The 10 replies with the most upvotes will


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boundaries. He isn’t a scoundrel, but he isn’t a great guy. Food for thought:


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director actually explicitly stated that the monster is literally Cthulhu!< [Here's a link]( which I could not put behind the spoiler


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future... ​ Harry Potter: 9 Shows And Movies That Have Magic Schools Like Hogwarts, Ranked []( ​ The 11 Best TV Shows about Magic Schools That Harry Potter Fans Will Love


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/sports/best-sports-video-games - This has EPSN2K5 beating everyone and the games I mentioned before crack the top 10. - According to reddit MVP Baseball 2005 is the best - Even baseball's official


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/]( , []( ​ [\_natural\_disasters\_worth\_it/]( , []( , []( , []( , []( , []( , [\_Workers


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years ago: [TV Success Rate: 65% Of New Shows Will Be Canceled (& Why It Matters)](


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Harry Potter franchise potentially including DLC for the game and possibly, a [new movie]( # FY23 Estimates [source: https:\/\/\/ \(you need to sign up but it's free\)](