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mfb- t1_j1zgotj wrote

same thing with new western rockets though. In which way? * [Firefly Alpha explodes during first launch]( * [Firefly Alpha failure blamed on premature engine shutdown]( - three days later Same website ... maiden flight of a US rocket. * [Virgin Orbit first launch attempt fails]( Also a failed maiden flight of a US rocket, same website. Methane as fuel is new, and new fuels


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/news/2022/10/united-arab-emirates-expands-lunar-plans-with-chinese-collaboration]( China just completed it's first real space station and is thinking about expanding it - [](


fastspinecho t1_j9q9gwm wrote

first generation, which weigh only 250 kg. They are only authorized to launch [7000 Starlink 2s]( Starlink 2 satellites are more capable, so every Starlink 2 they launch will reduce the total


infinity_limit t1_jd1kci1 wrote

cost to drag ISS back to earth “safely”- 1 billion $ - Some kids somewhere , we will do it for 100$ net and a some batteries