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approving MDMA and psilocybin therapies has also taken some promising steps forward in recent months: []( It's been the work of countless activists and researchers over decades, but I think


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prisoner advocacy and prison abolitionist organization, wrote in a statement. “This shows commitment to individualized justice.” []( and: [](


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Here, I googled things for you


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national party responded by yanking most of the money out of the state party coffers: []( DSA itself then runs with stupid af takes on Ukraine etc that make them unlikely to broaden


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best Elden Ring strategies, and gosh, don't trust anything that's truly life-threatening. ***Or maybe Google just buys them. It is standard business practice for large companies


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Seriously, you should [read the expo on that]( It's more '[bite mark](' and '[stitch pattern](' bullshit


theFriskyWizard t1_j94vxer wrote]( 3. NYT article about Donziner: []( 4. Compare with The Intercept reporting: []( 5. Chevron ad produced by NYT's in house ad agency: [](


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white supremacist provocateurs right? FBI paid a violent felon to infiltrate BLM protests The protests still overall were peaceful But of course I know


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When exactly did De Blasio end stop and frisk? []( De Blasio, he wanted to pose as progressive, but at core he wasn't. Just like many other "progressive" politicians


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raise money for their party. If you want lucrative committee appointments, [you have to buy them.]( Edited to add a source from the other side of the aisle:


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review of their statements to investigators after the shooting and other documents compiled by the authorities. >But tantalizingly, people who encountered Paddock before his shooting say that he expressed conspiratorial, anti