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down some blighted properties. It's very common. Here's [one from last week regarding Vandergrift]( Here's [one from Greensburg in December]( Arnold [tore down ten buildings last ... year](, New Ken [tore down a dozen in 2021]( and another [ten in 2020](


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Penn Township Police Department. and then: [Longtime police officer eyes district judge post in Butler County]( >**Butler County native and longtime Penn Township police Officer Jack D. Ripper


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article confirms a bystander was hit: [Trib - Bystander struck by bullet in Downtown Pittsburgh, police say]( > A woman was grazed by a bullet in Downtown Pittsburgh Tuesday afternoon during a dispute


IrrumaboMalum t1_j46a4wg wrote]( There was already $175,000,000 freed up to go back towards the Motor License Fund by reducing allocation to the Pennsylvania State Police. The Democrats wanted a one time, and one time