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said he likes to act! I believe the wife of Eric Roberts's character in the Doctor Who movie is his real life wife


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regrets! Also Mystic Pizza had Julia Roberts's character waiting actual tables, I believe


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account by Key Huy Quan from just over a week ago of [meeting Harrison Ford again]( for the first time in almost 40 years.. basically half a lifetime


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come home, and its story proves both deeply affecting—and surprisingly timeless. -[avclub A-]( >For a film focused on getting the technical realities of war correct, it is Berger’s feel


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groundwork for that. It takes time, as wise Wakandans remind us, to move on. [AV Club]( (3/4): > And, ready or not, it passes the Black Panther’s torch. Is this massively


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significant to see him effortlessly swim in them again. -[Tomris Laffly, The A.V. Club]( A > Maintaining a sense of stakes will be necessary for the series going forward, especially