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that soyabean consumption among Western vegetarians is not sufficient to exert physiological effects.]( [Mean serum insulin-like growth factor-I was 9% lower in 233 vegan men than in 226 meat-eaters


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high prevalence of mental health conditions, violent criminal behaviour, chronic substance misuse and risk of suicide.]( [Lithium salts are used mainly for acute mania and prophylaxis of recurrent bipolar and unipolar affective


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Silurian hypothesis: would it be possible to detect an industrial civilization in the geological record?](


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research investigating the connection between loneliness and depressive symptoms. The results, published in [Behavior Change](, indicate that loneliness may be a significant risk factor for depression. As the world exits this stage


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explored by reviewing the nature of the motion of freely falling particles and light ..." Source: [4]. "The first order formulation of gravity theory has recently been found to admit vacuum solutions that


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publishing academic]( whose works like [The Huns, Rome and the Birth of Europe]( or [The Huns]( are well worth reading for a current grounding


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enough light, and wasn't completely packaged either. See photo on top-right of page 965: Those first-gen production red LEDs sold for about $260 each


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Especially if you consider how [only the wealthy]( have political influence and popular opinion essentially has no influence. That said, I do think it's important that it becomes a subject


CrustalTrudger t1_j2e6ind wrote, [Rohling et al., 2014](, [De Boer et al., 2017](, etc.). 6) Recently, new methods have been proposed such as using paleogeographic reconstructions (which themselves represent huge syntheses


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that human footprints in the Lake Otero basin, New Mexico date to the Last Glacial Maximum]( The tiny seeds of an aquatic plant (Ruppia cirrhosa) were used to age the footprints last


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homogeneous energy landscape in the brain. This is all backed up with empirical evidence from research. I'm happy to talk to you about this in more detail


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meta analysis of RCT studies looking at psychotherapy recently concluded that therapy is around [70% effective]( in the treatment of depression. Its worth a try for basically anyone who is diagnosed with


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Porcini and\]~~ *Oyster*. Tian et al, 2023. [Ergothioneine: an underrecognised dietary micronutrient required for healthy ageing?]( British Journal of Nutrition, 129(1), pp.104-114


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change They already have — at least at the national level. We live in an [effective oligarchy]( where the "democratic" institutions at our disposal are so poor that the public serves more


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Nooo, wasn't us, it's the users. We're a PLATFORM!


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average Englishman” who got a bump in salary is the average Englishman. Their salary [did increase]( during that time. Sure hindsight is 20/20 and they probably didn’t care about the fact


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nbsp; To quote [George Batchelor]( (taken from [An Introduction to fluid dynamics](, "The distinction between solids and fluids is not a sharp one, since there are many materials which


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Yeah, good examples. Another example is that if you take a [utilitarian point of view](, way more people will live in the future than the present, so you may be willing


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childhood and require greater resources to grow taller and stronger.


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world. It's the HOW that's under investigation not so much the "what". []( People like to muddy the question with philosophy and spirituality


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which incorporates an awareness of self. It's a dynamic computation of self in the world. []( Plenty of citations in that paper for you to explore the idea from a scientific perspective


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foremost, it’s unprovable either way. Would you happen to have access to this journal? While many philosophers may agree that knowledge depends on true belief, I see that not everyone does


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Magnetohydrodynamics]( by Davidson is great for some dynamo theory. [Self-Exciting Fluid Dynamos]( by Moffatt and Dormy is a tough read but focused on all kinds of dynamo theory


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know, the [paper]( has some pretty compelling data. Certainly not a slam dunk—I’d like to see the symbols interpreted/recorded by someone not directly associated with the study to remove possible


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Economic-Elite Domination and Biased Pluralism, not Majoritarian Electoral Democracy or Majoritarian Pluralism. Our Dem “labor” party is compromised my members protecting health insurance companies and insane big pharma profit margins. Dems