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papers. They cover the last 40+ years of our understanding of cancer genetics and molecular mechanisms.


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Link to the paper** []( Genome-wide data from medieval German Jews show that the Ashkenazi founder event pre-dated the 14th century **Highlights** • Genome-wide data for 33 Jewish individuals from 14th ... highlight late medieval genetic heterogeneity no longer present in modern AJ. ​ **Graphical Abstract**


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body can worsen sleep quality, which can in turn drive further inflammation. A recent [article]( showed that regular consumption of multiple portions of fermented foods daily could substantially reduce inflammation


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Original paper here:\


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Article: 'Observed electric charge of insect swarms and their contribution to atmospheric electricity']( I just read about this article, bees can influence the electric charge in the atmosphere


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that have distinct functions, they exist on a spectrum. Assembly of the golgi: []( Golgi outposts: []( Heterogeneity of LAMP1 vesicles: [](, []( Tubular lysosomes: [](


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really more accurate to think of land plants as a kind of alga. [Source](


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Ethereum's energy usage, there's a peer-reviewed [paper](\)00265-3) linked right from the article OP posted. It puts Ethereum's worst-case power demand at 675 kW, and best


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influenza A, and Zika—in hopes of preventing them from infecting cells. A [study]( published today (18 January) in Cell Reports Physical Science details how researchers used DNA origami to engineer strands


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/cid/article/74/4/715/6279075?login=false) There are studies which show [similar levels of S Protein circulation between vaccination and infection]( But there are also studies showing that infection causes higher rates of myocarditis. Both could


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This paper in Cell (pdf)](\)01530-6.pdf) examines the role of endogenous retroviruses and senescence and was discussed in the [latest podcast]( from "This Week in Virology." During the podcast