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strong candidate for an alien radio signal, and that i personally think it is. Sources: 1. [\]([]( [!\_signal](!_signal)4 []([\_Anthropology


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will support it and Apple will probably have it on IPhone soon enough.


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would be much much much better if we also used renewable energy for homes more. **warning** Boring article with lots of math


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problem. It's actually a big problem in our energy industry right now: The Duck Curve. We've deployed so much Solar that the Peak energy generation needed (outside solar) is about


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difference in product quality. Sometimes in subtle ways, and sometimes not at all subtle ones:[](


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guarantee you you still have a battery. [Really?]( > Not every solar power system has a solar battery attached. In fact, **only about 4% of residential solar installations had a battery backup


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after being released into the wild and interacting with real humans and the real world. Interesting to watch it evolve and to see how they