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parties. Here's the GOP Secretary of the State backing out of a debate in September - []( Here's the Fairfield and Greenwich GOPs saying that the League of Women Voters have majority


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comment about them having covid at some point reminds me of something I heard on wnpr > “There’s some evidence that the virus SARS-CoV-2, even in asymptomatic, mild cases


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those in Georgia — 84% of Black students in mostly minority schools according to [Connecticut Public Radio]( New York and New Jersey rate in the top ten; Virginia does


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should be concerned about Russia ending arms treaty participation, expert says]( [Why China’s Ukraine balancing act might be tilting in Putin’s favor]( ​ I dunno


2SLGBTQIA t1_jckeixb wrote [2023]( \- CT Ranks 47th in business tax climate [2026](


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have changed, but I would strongly consider reaching out to local SEPACs and SEPTOs before moving: