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called credit. The vast majority of Americans are over leveraged. And 48% of Americans that make 100K or more are still living paycheck to paycheck It's almost like


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this one, that you can find on your own if you are truly curious about this. [](


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years) with heavy metals as Daybreak is a former tailings pond. The [Deseret News]( did an interesting piece on a cancer cluster in residents around the Daybreak development. They claim Daybreak


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extremely low, and [almost zero](,1,wUjmsONiaSScbScVYFXKYuRZLEW7mw9VgklHdbjbGPTsMnItlj3UtM6vGtjDV45aiXnkBdXBas0XFgDdp0rKGNg35rxY-SCeGbrE3Lf8vAsbzlZn082XmURpnSg,&typo=1) with pragmatic precautions. Fewer than [two dozen people]( have been killed by cougars in North America in the past 100 years. (Males range