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IKENTHINGS t1_itll8ae wrote Someone postulated you could go anywhere in the solar system with planetary gravity assists


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could be The Hum -


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just a problem for future generations There is a lot we can do so mitigate it [](


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today; giant sloths, woolly mammoths, tens of millions of bison across the North American Great Plains Where did they go? It seems like we ate them all. I used


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mean… [Chimps get money, invent prostitution]( [Engaged in a 4 year tribal war]( Like much of evolution, it repurposes and adds on, it doesn’t often reinvent. There


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very surprised if we didn't have fusion power in 30 years. ;) [](,New%20Scientist%20earlier%20this%20year) ​ We will probably have a joke like that for AGI as well, always being 30 years away


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Please read up on the "Indus valley script",of%20the%20same%20general%20period.


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also it is suspected that it has two types of terrain i.e ocean and continental plates []( mine those continents