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totally in favor of the legalization of cocaine and the taxation thereof. So is [The Economist](


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India, they made him leave His vaccines actually CAUSED polio Another of his vaccines cause the death of 7 kids, and injury of 1200


Fantastic-Climate-84 t1_it3gsnv wrote 2018 - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 -


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turned it from a carbon sink into a net producer of carbon (source: *The Economist*).]( Edit: Also this trend in emission rate will likely continue to slow without drastic action as early


sysyphusishappy t1_ixc2035 wrote What's it like being an authoritarian? Oh, authoritarianism with an excuse you like is still authoritarianism


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doesn't even keep prices down.


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biggest sovereign wealth fund, it's 3rd. Also, before we go praising Norway without critique:\_of\_countries\_by\_sovereign\_wealth\_funds


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debate easily documented facts, but I prefer to look them up. []( I don't always agree with the Economists' opinions, but they do get their facts


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Many sorts of things. Products (["to produce everything from mattresses, spectacles,road signs and body armour"](, agriculture and firefighting through "convict leasing" programs (["Convict leasing was largely banned in the 20th century


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true that pay transparency laws reduce wages? Here's the Economist article that makes this claim: []( Relevant parts: >Labour advocates champion pay-transparency laws on the grounds that they will narrow


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think you might like this article: [How to build back under budget (maybe) | The Economist]( >But unfortunately the agency drawing up the contract does not have enough qualified staff to conduct


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This is the sort of policy I expect in Putin's Russia or Xi's China. []( Their management of the Scottish education system has been extremely poor, verging on disastrous