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Here's the paper: [\_source=fweb&utm\_medium=nblog&utm\_campaign=ba-sci-fnagi-biomarker-urine-alzheimers#B47](


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University. I both have and study a lesser-known condition called Misophonia. A new [consensus definition]( of Misophonia describes it as *“a disorder of decreased tolerance to specific sounds or stimuli associated ... check that out (as well as a plethora of recent research on the condition) [here](! You can also find me on an NPR [episode]( of All Sides with


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came up for a boolean search for fMRI + "insight learning"


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Paper: Hybridization, missing wild ancestors and the domestication of cultivated diploid bananas ORIGINAL RESEARCH article Front. Plant Sci., 07 October 2022 Sec. Plant Systematics and Evolution


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here's a paper detailing an analysis that kinda proves my point. I like it because it's well made and thorough. Most studies of this type are usually focused on beef


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shown to be disrupted in patients with Crohn’s disease ([]( and Ulcerative Colitis ([]( Although it is still unclear whether these changes to the microbiome are causative or a result


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starving to try to compensate. Ketogenic Diets and Chronic Disease: Weighing the Benefits Against the Risks[]( "Given often-temporary improvements, unfavorable effects on dietary intake, and inadequate data demonstrating long-term safety


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work against each other) and it's not clear why. Treatment options for multi-drug resistant bacteria - []( Assessment of drug interactions - [](


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anterograde vesicle transport. Built within the super structure are a myriad of sensors and regulatory pathways. There are also overlapping pathways and direct connections between many of the eukaryotic cell organelles, resulting


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from the *actual* [scientific paper]( that article is drawing from: >the relevant physical interactions in the above two systems are completely different


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open to some light reading, these are pretty good eli15 places to start. []( []( []( Calling our brain a computer is "just" a cliche that people have come


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rate of subduction, the degree of obliquity of subduction (e.g., [Sheldrake et al., 2020](, [Gazel et al., 2021](, regional stress state of the overriding plate (e.g., [Takada


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medical/scientific community.) 2021: recent preprints (late 2022): General media articles taking issue with 'immunity debt' or the way the term is being used