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maintain his grip on power, it was said that Jamal was meticulously tracked by [Pegasus](, along with other [activists](, too many people don’t understand the [dangers](


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source from Haaretz for anyone wondering.]( One dead and dozens of injured Palestinians, 25 burned houses and the Israeli army has entered the town to stop the settlers. Every single


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West Bank territories on the basis that it has a "natural right" to the land A "natural right" which of course doesn't extend to non-Jewish people living there >First


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Pindrus has been vital in helping [Netanyahu achieve "Prime Minister for life"]( status, and has demonstrated he has no commitment to democracy or peace or even [religious freedom](


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Greece. Edit: * [Evidence-UK]( * [Evidence-EU]( * [Evidence-France]( * [Evidence-Japan]( Edit 2: Some people have correctly mentioned that the EU Right