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more likely one is sensitive to coarse fiber than actually allergic to lanolin


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that's the problem: it's a perfectly *normal* fruit. But they’re [touted for]( things like vitamin A and calcium content. Well [here’s a link](


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Reply to comment by albertowtf in [image] Be kind by _Cautious_Memory

Similarly, while all happy people might appear happy, [not all people who appear happy actually are](


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dried apricots and figs, raisins, quinoa and fortified breakfast cereal.](,quinoa%20and%20fortified%20breakfast%20cereal) [Another good article.]( A pro tip is to add citrus or a vitamin c source to your meal


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before sucrose became available. Here is a reasonably reputable link that describes everything in more detail At the bottom, they talk about how the presence of glucose increases the rate of fructose


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reorganise itself by breaking and forming new connections between cells. > >​ [“Being artistic or creative]( is associated with the personality trait of being open to experiences,” Garrison says. “Some research suggests


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ethics of the policies surrounding corn production. Here's one about corn and humans >A study in 115 adults with obesity and type 2 diabetes found that eating a diet with


Asha_Brea t1_je8rvfe wrote]( *"Most people get African sleeping sickness after being bitten by an infected tsetse fly. In rare cases, the condition has been transmitted from mother to child, through sexual contact, or in a laboratory