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York Times, she failed at basic things. She called an American-born Olympic [skater an immigrant]( in a tweet. In another article, she [cited a parody Twitter account]( Internally


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Paul Pelosi got like... a week for drunk driving a few weeks ago.[\_n\_63051437e4b035629bfef9ae]( George W Bush blew like a ~~.2~~ .4 during a DUI stop


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added /s Also, link for anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about: [\_n\_2768469](


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this article that was publish near the end of season 14, was renewed for season 15. [\_n\_3314321]( "I'd be a fool to say I didn't want


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mean Karen Smith she has since switched parties and is a vocal advocate for inclusion. We do need to flip both the chair and vice chair who are both up for reelection


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because supposedly caravans of murderers were flooding into this country? (Very conveniently right before the election!) And then do you remember all of that fearmingering just miraculously being swept under


sneakpeekbot t1_iyxg80d wrote of the year! \#1: [Kathy Hochul Wins Reelection In New York Governor Race]( | [282 comments]( \#2: [My brother is visiting NY and sent this picture. Looks beautiful


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Good ol boys being anti-american [1]( [2]( Racist: [1]( [2]( Party of rape [1]( [2]( Human


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West]( [50 Cent]( [21 Savage]( [ASAP Rocky]( [DJ Khaled]( [Kodak Black]( I excluded articles about song lyrics


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election campaign promise: [Justin Trudeau Vows To Scrap First Nations Financial Transparency Act - Aug 2014]( >Justin Trudeau has promised to scrap a controversial law forcing First Nations leaders to disclose salaries