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unique science work. The spacecraft - which landed on Mars in 2018 - detected 1,319 [marsquakes](, gathered data on the [Red Planet's crust, mantle, and core](, and even captured ... sounds of [meteoroid impacts]( miles away on the Martian surface. So, have you ever wanted to know how operating a lander on Mars is different from a rover? Or how engineers practice


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sustainable atmosphere", but Mars has more than enough to create some [very]( - [very]( - [familiar]( phenomena. It's not a matter of the _absolute_ pressure/mass


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wonderfully evocative series of 14 posters illuminating a grand tour of the solar system, shown at They are free to use, designed to be printed at a 20 by 30 inches size


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miles. Sources:Website of astronomer cited in Newsweek (warning ads): []( JPL:[]( >Designated 2023 BU, the asteroid will zoom over the southern tip of South America at about


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both ways.. 20 light hour delay is not conducive to conversations. ​ Voyager 1 is currently 14.5 billion miles (23.3 billion kilometers) from Earth, and it takes light **20 hours