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Submitted by JSchecter11 t3_10a0zov in massachusetts,according%20to%20The%20Boston%20Globe)rticle below about students rally against this new rule. "The ban on these kinds of flags is the result of a rule that was set by the district at the start of the school ... most distracting and divisive part of the decision is the fact that it happened at all. [\~:text=The%20ban%20on%20these%20kinds,according%20to%20The%20Boston%20Globe](,according%20to%20The%20Boston%20Globe).


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News on scene Edit: plus an article now:


DooceBigalo t1_itw6vhw wrote "Report of Person With a Gun on College Campus in Boston Unfounded, Police Say Gun Was a Fake


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water while drunk and end up getting saved. One such instance happened like 6 weeks ago:


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year old and get away with it for 30 years - if you're a cop [](


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embezzlement ](, [torturing recruits ]( [faking evidence](


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last winter, $293 this winter) was given back when they warned everyone in September: []( It also said the delivery rate remained flat, which is why your entire bill did not triple


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park.]( - [Attack other teens unprovoked and smash bus windows with a brick.]( Or my maybe simply - [Harass, Rob, and Beat a Man on the Train]( (That


jp_jellyroll t1_j75676i wrote]( >Mayor Gavin called the strike "disrespectful" to parents and taxpayers. > >"We’re working hard to get this done," the mayor said. "Teachers need to get back in the classroom where


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over privacy and the Open Web]( Maybe check out **the canonical page** instead: **[](** ***** ^(I'm a bot | )[^(Why & About)](^( | )[^(Summon: u/AmputatorBot)](


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Norovirus cases are rising in Massachusetts and across America Source: