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enforcement as being used in a deadly shooting in Roxborough about two weeks prior


IrrumaboMalum t1_iu2mdlz wrote]( This was just from a most recent audit - apparently it includes both service weapons and evidence lockup. I'd wager it has grown a bit since


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Sources told [NBC10]( the most recent DNA sample finally led investigators to the child's identity. The sources say the DNA traced the child to a prominent family in Delaware County, Pennsylvania


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this morning, and will be holding a press conference this afternoon with details.


AbsentEmpire t1_j2eqdjs wrote [Suspect Was Released on Reduced Bail 2 Weeks Before Temple Grad's Murder](


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video & submitted for evidence). Krasners office let them walk after preliminary trial.* [](


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trapped within the factory* Six hospitalized according to this article:


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Woman Shot at SEPTA Station in South Philadelphia](


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creating more convicts, [shoplifting less than $500 worth of goods is now a Summary Offence]( What is a Summary Offense? [Per Wikipedia:]( A summary offence or petty offence