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slumlords. [And that’s hardly the headline when it comes to the scumbag who leads them.]( Best of luck with all this. Hopefully withholding rent helps out. I doubt


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drunk cop, and his cop father helped to try and cover it up. Source: Putting out this kind of press release when CT cops have their own skeletons does nothing but demonstrate


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somewhere distant like Dallas, Jacksonville, or Minneapolis and the stories were the same there too.


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parking has been met with considerable backlash by the neighbors and local government. For example: []( No good options exist yet. Because of the parking issues, I've mostly used uber to/from Tweed


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Relevant article: [Paywall removed]( “A New Haven man who used a dead child’s name to purchase an assault weapon - part of a stockpile of illegal assault weapons


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give you a foundation for asking good questions. []( This OpEd is interesting too: [](


numitoke t1_jcnm8q1 wrote]( "Data offered by Assistant Superintendent of Schools Ivelise Velazquez to the school board shows that only 17 percent of third-graders scored at grade level on this year’s state Smarter Balance Assessment


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public funds going to this project much of it benefits Yale more than new haven