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ADHD and chronic pain: []( ADHD, anxiety, and chronic pain are comorbitidies of autism: [\~:text=Problems%20with%20joints%20and%20other,that%20does%20not%20go%20away](,that%20does%20not%20go%20away) Definitely think


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arsenic is a treatment for a very specific leukaemia . Digitalis is commonly used as heart medication []( Warfarin (the blood thinner) is obviously great if you need your blood thinning and terrible


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significantly between individuals, and it is [occasionally possible to spot some symptoms in pre-school children](, which can include delayed speech development, speech problems (like with pronouncing long words or swapping letters


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effects. It's not a conscious act of simply making up problems. [physical symptoms of anxiety]( [more about anxiety and panic]( [even more about anxiety symptoms](


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what I have read about ADHD it’s mostly genetic but also brain trauma (child abuse). ADHD effects executive functioning which is directly related


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proven some time before 2015(when the movie was released). "chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) brain degeneration",support%20can%20manage%20the%20symptoms. EDIT: Did not realize someone said the same thing already


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here**]( are guidelines from the NHS. More from the NHS [**here**]( * [**Here**]( are the guidelines from the New Zealand Medical Journal


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second trimester? [A Baby born early at 24 weeks has a 60-70% chance of survival]('re,babies%20born%20early%20do%20survive.). How does this not sicken people? At that point it's indisputably a baby


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still male. The X chromosome is not a "female" chromosome and is present in everyone.,Y%20chromosome%20denotes%20male%20sex. Those men count in the already low 1.7 percent. I've been married to an intersex person