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electricity are ~$130/MWh and they're now projecting $5/MWh with an 80% renewable grid ([source]( and just $39/MWh with a 100% renewable grid ([source](


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things like mining are getting greener too. New, greener methods for lithium extraction:


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/sites/default/files/2021-08/Land-Based%20Wind%20Market%20Report%202021%20Edition_Full%20Report_FINAL.pdf), and utility scale solar is coming in between $20 and $40/MWh according to the [NREL]( This is all scaled by the amount of power produced, per MWh of electricity actually generated


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money on the options that phase out fossil fuels quicker and cheaper.,%245.3%20billion%20to%20%249.3%20billion


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energy (this national lab says about 9% of all plastic waste went to that in 2019 []( But there are definitely concerns that burning plastic could create a lot of air pollution