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Here: [\_candidates\_russ\_diamon.html]( []( (scroll down a bit and click on the links) Not part of the above, as an aside, Diamond


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back in October 2018, so he would have been 73 at the time he did that. [](


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racketeering at the [Beacon Club]( and Squirrel Hill. obituaries of [Chucky Porter]( & [Nick the Blade]( Took a break from posting teenie harris pictures to share


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dude that loves the moonies religion, nor the fake doctor......... Edit found the link: [](


CertifiableNormie t1_iurplid wrote To be fair, from what I saw when I skimmed both these articles is they both mentioned that prices should stay steady in the near term but potentially increase over


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contaminated drinking water and in 2017 pittsburgh had extreme *contamination risk because of low chlorine levels i was just curious if there are still reports of contamination: the cdc hasn’t listed