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hard and intense the criticism is when you are mayor versus just a state legislator.


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that way and not make obscene profit, because [the deal fell through last year.](


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UFCW (there is some sort of story about it in the non-union Post-Gazette paper:'s easy to nitpick Giant Eagle, but I'm not trying to race to the Walton


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from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sunday January 8 2023: []( ...."But the Democrats' much greater use of mail-in voting also meant they saw far more of their votes disqualified than did Republicans


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Boardwalk cut it loose and let it float down river. It eventually ran aground near Cincinnati.


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over some sort of phantom disrespect, and no action was taken.   They finally got rid of him in 2021. 13 years after the incident


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Next day: [](


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Stone is aging and crumbling, this catches debris Also helps keep pigeons off the stonework. Bird poop is corrosive. Yes, it's on Smithfield - Smithfield United Church of Christ


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publicly reported. [Pittsburgh Gazette]( [TribLive]( First degree murder of a law enforcement officer (18 PAC.S 2507A) is the “intentional killing of a law enforcement officer while in the performance


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Here's a Post-Gazette article from 2018](, let me know if you hit the paywall


Aggravating_Foot_528 OP t1_jdw7g2n wrote [John Wargo's Obit from 2013]( [another obit with more info]( Also saw that at some point 2 years before he died (of esophageal cancer) he came