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people here in Canada are [in an uproar]( because we recently [banned assault weapons]( and [banned the import of handguns]( due to our [glaringly obvious


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coupling between a man and a woman. And in 2008, Card published [an article]( that gay marriage marked "the end of democracy in America." See, as long as homosexuals never


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asshole ask about sources.


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Hasn't stopped them from trying lol,until%20replacements%20could%20be%20found. Was ultimately overturned in court but it's still absurd that it happened


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Read this article about Trump’s administration not even knowing how many veterans they deported. You can accuse me of lying all you want. I am not impressed with an attempt


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Nope. It’s not. Not that you would read any of that… or can read past a 3rd grade level


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flaunting federal rules too much which draws attention from the feds. Totally hypothetical [until its not]( ​ Not to mention that mushrooms are not cannabis. They're not physically dangerous (well


YawnTractor_1756 t1_jd0bch8 wrote (Jan 25, 2019) * [U.N. Secretary-General issues a grave warning about climate apocalypse]( (Dec 2, 2019) * [UN chief warns of ‘point of no return’ on climate change](


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guess people can't read and/or look up information. []( []( []( []( If you need more 'official' links, the producer's name is TIMOTHY MUCCIANTE