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defined as cessation of circulorespiratory function. About how fast various cells die, from the following site: []( >The brain and nerve cells require a constant supply of oxygen and will die within


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This is a key driving factor for energy poverty (and inflation) in Europe. European


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sugar rush is a myth's%20no,impending%20hyperactivity%20after%20consuming%20it.


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Here is a good explanation with a good picture: Unfortunately the picture shows our 3D universe as a 2D graphic folded on itself in 3D, then projected again as a 2D picture


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extreme, have zero hollow bones, [keeping a heavy, marrow-filled skeleton to help with deep diving]( For most other birds, the skeleton is actually quite marrow-rich when they are just hatchlings


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look different with the naked eye depending on what hemisphere you're in.