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survive digestion by ducks. And ducks eat a large number of fish eggs, which are tiny.](,places%2C%20a%20new%20study%20finds.)


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have any articles? Because [these]( [two]( that I've found (plus this [third]( just make it seem like they can only detect dark matter around massive


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even been used the exact same way in the exact same region before. [In 2020]( [In 2019.]( [In 2018.]( Barnhart's lecture on El Mirado talks


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Reply to comment by schnazzychase in The Case for Callisto by MoreGull

this go unchallenged. The "news" reports on net-gain fusion all the time. []( []( []( []( []( ​ What they don't report


OlympusMons94 t1_jddydm8 wrote and [He et al., 2022]( (See also The high temperatures and pressures deep in planetary interiors can produce materials that are very exotic compared to what


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hats ... they don't repeat like that. [Take a look at JUST the darkest blue ones.]( They don't really repeat like the white birds do. And the math people who figured