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CEffisciences & SaferAI) ----> AGI: ~[2032]( * **Yann LeCun** (Meta) ----> AGI: ~[2032-37]( * **Chamath Palihapitiya** (CEO of Social Capital) ----> AGI: ~[2032-37]( * **Demis Hassabis** (DeepMind ... channel about AI Safety) ----> AGI: ~[2032-42]( * **OpenAi** ----> AGI: <[2035]( * **Jie Tang** (Prof. at Tsinghua University, Wu-Dao 2 Leader) ----> AGI: ~[2035](


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Labs which is to pursue partial reprogramming as a means to defeat again and live forever. []( 7. Robots. Have you seen the video of the humanoid robots that can run and jump


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politics. Extremists are easier to predict. YouTube will modify your mind to make you more predictable. --- Back to policing. Imagine that the algorithm discovers a way to increasing the crime rate


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working and it's also unknown how the data is being used by the models. At some point the singularity will happen and then it's predicted things change in ways


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know, do [this sulphur thing]( Or 10 other things we can do due to technology. The main thing holding us back is other people, not technical practicality


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divesting their nuclear into a separate company. They don't want it on their books. Here's MIT talking about how much more expensive it is than even unsubsidized wind and solar


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like potato-shaped :) because of the potato radius ( In the CSPICE computational libraries (, all bodies are modeled as "potatoes", or, formally, triaxial ellipsoids. EDIT: the numbers I have