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systems are not ideal if you just scratch under the surface a bit. []( []( []( [](


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kept secret for 20 years, and only revealed in 1974, to no cultural impact. [[2](] >Orwell enthusiasts insist that he would be horrified by this turn of events, that


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Saxon and start a new era for mankind. ​ []( []( []( [\_the\_conqueror]( [](


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saying the same thing]( as they deal with unusually high cases of strep and scarlet fever. The chief medical advisor at UKHSA said, >But on Monday, Dr Susan Hopkins, chief medical


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Reply to comment by j4ckbauer in PsBattle: This 3 eyed cow by Ur3rdIMcFly

/r/interestingasfuck/comments/zrjvvk/isaiah_a_calf_from_a_welsh_beef_farm_was_born/) Apparently, it’s now in an animal sanctuary in India, bought for $5,000 pounds. []( They named it Mahadev, another name of Shiva, The Destroyer


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couple of years ago, a solider in the UK was [charged with disobeying orders]( for teamkilling in a VBS training exercise. > “We were supposed to imagine we were travelling in armoured