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pictures in the report to confirm this). There is a [pilot plan for 3 stations]( (7 train at 42nd, 3rd Ave on the L, Stuphin Blvd on the E). These stations ... alleviate the issue. For example, higher train frequency means less crowding on platforms. [Installing Cameras/Sensors]( that can integrate with signaling systems to stop trains if * There is a massive debate


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left vacant by landlords because they dont want to bring the buildings up to code. [Source]( These people are welcome to find a better life like we and our ancestors did. Edit ... Here is the url for the source


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Looks like you don’t know the facts! “The Innovation QNS developers won over some former opponents, including Borough President Richards, by increasing the projects’ share of affordable housing units from


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learned that ratio of corrections officers to inmates on NPR. Regardless, here's a few sources: [](


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wouldn't possibly cross your mind that there might be a reason now, would you? []( The other reason they MIGHT be homeless is (who woulda thunk) the enormous wage/wealth disparity, where wages


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vacancies) and the Department of Social Services at 17.3% (2,256 openings). []( ​ >But you replace “me” in that arrangement with the general (tax paying) public, then the benefit