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were linked to extreme heat or cold. Of those, 356,000 deaths were due to heat...


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Data source: * Height: []( * Penis Length: []( Tools used: [Flourish Studio]('s [Scatter Template](


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demographic disparity related collapse, but here's an overview [paper]( or [two]( While these make very little of the near future implications, Geopolitical experts like Peter Zeihan believe


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referencing the editorial here? []( DOI: [](


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death and hospitalisation from a range of diseases and to examine the benefit of smoking cessation.


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assessed participants against diagnostic criteria which are considered the gold standard for accurately diagnosing mental disorders.


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effectiveness w.r.t. infection. Third, there are later literature that indicate Sinovac still offers considerable protect, e.g.: []( What's undeniable is that mRNA vaccines are more effective than non-mRNA vaccines. However


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virus infections]( New Zealand also had [less mortality from all-causes during 2020]( Hard to say what the levels are now that public health measures have been dropped. Winter


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Covid, and it looks like vaccination might even help treat the ongoing symptoms of long-Covid:


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though synthetic production of epinephrine has been ongoing, and generally involves reacting catechol and chloroacetyl chloride.


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individuals undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention for acute coronary syndromes (CURRENT-OASIS 7): a randomised factorial trial](


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100K. I'm not sure how reliable the data is. While coming from a reliable source,, they themselves will have received it from the government of each country. I'm no expert


dustymoon1 t1_j8dznsy wrote]( [\_19\_and\_autoimmune\_diseases.8.aspx](


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interest… >Overall, vaccination was associated with reduced risks or odds of long-COVID, > A new study, published today in The BMJ, suggests that COVID-19 vaccines may significantly reduce


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were actually pretty effective at preventing symptomatic infections prior to Delta and Omicron. []( [](


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usage as a proxy for viral load but it makes a huge (>90%) risk reduction. [](


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understanding their effects on the brain - and the technique I have developed, called [hyperbolic tapering](, has been adopted as [guidance]( for the public by the Royal College of Psychiatrists