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Gabe Plotkin claimed to close his short position. By January 28th GME peaked. The price of GME plummeted after the release of the token, that was supposed to be backed by shares


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left to fulfill this Prophecy. Is she starting to look like Miss Cleo? April 16, 2022 **Cathie Wood Sees Tesla Being Worth Nearly $5 Trillion in 2026** "irrational exuberance" - Alan Greenspan


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spots from dead last in the last couple of years!


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ascent. Coinbase is the seventh biggest holding in Ark’s flagship **Ark Innovation ETF.** Source: []( Ark Invest's (ARKK) Cathie Wood reportedly bought 213,519 shares of Coinbase (COIN) yesterday worth


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potentially further enhanced by (President Joe Biden's inflation reduction act)," Michaeli wrote.  Full article: []( ‘Elon Musk's recent involvement with Twitter has contributed to negative sentiment momentum in Tesla (TSLA) shares


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early spring before the central bank starts to pause its rate hiking cycle.  Full article: []( Fed Chair Jerome Powell is set to deliver a key policy speech at the Hutchins Center