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happens, though it's probably generally considered pathological [link to the paper directly] ( i would submit that "earworms" are special less because of hearing/audition, but because of something


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things drugs: []( and Val Curren who does really interesting research in this area:


notblackblackguy t1_j56fj51 wrote,confusion%20associated%20with%20the%20disease. That's the article which has a link to the source paper at the bottom. And the actual paper:


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formed from ammonia is a leading global health risk.” ^1 University College London, 31 Mar. 2023, ^2 Jamie M. Kelly *et al*. Diagnosing domestic and transboundary sources of fine particulate matter (PM2.5


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Participating scientists include: [Pete Myers](, [Leonardo Trasande]( (u/leotrasande), [Olwenn Martin](, [Maricel Maffini](, [Ksenia Groh](, [Jane Muncke]( (u/BetterDecision8918


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implanted. You can [read about some of our materials and how we're using them here.]( Feel free to send me a question on the materials we’re designing and the work