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Submitted by AskScienceModerator t3_zriiwo in askscience + Karen Weintraub (/u/WeintraubKaren) - USA TODAY health reporter who led the series Links: + Series overview: + Day 1 (followed by the others):


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This is just propaganda from the oil companies, are you a paid shill? That's not to say wind turbine blades are widely recycled, they aren't, but they


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Postman, UPS or FedEx driver what they think of dogs? []( [](


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Gonna disagree with you on this one. Violent Mexican cartels are [turning to marijuana. ]( In Philly, dealers use [violence against each other ]( protect their turf. A 14 year


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Redfin will give you a cash offer]( [Zillow ]( [Airbnb](


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Angeles stop of her "Evening with the Clintons" tour with her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Not hard to google this example and others


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Gets New Try at Whistleblower, Retaliation Suit]( [Behind the Blue Wall of Silence]( *edit for format