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where you get that from. It's not even in the top 50 schools in Boston: [\~:text=Cambridge%20Rindge%20and%20Latin%202022,they%20prepare%20students%20for%20college](,they%20prepare%20students%20for%20college).


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years for violating the law 29 times in sharing and posting content on social media. [\~:text=BANGKOK%20(Reuters)%20%2D%20A%20court,in%20more%20than%20a%20year](,in%20more%20than%20a%20year).


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What are the causes of this? Is it a statistical anomaly or just a trend? [\~:text=%7C-,Dec.,2022%2C%20at%2010%3A12%20a.m.&text=The%20five%20homicides%20committed%20in ... 20city's%20police%20chief%20says](,Dec.,2022%2C%20at%2010%3A12%20a.m.&text=The%20five%20homicides%20committed%20in,the%20city's%20police%20chief%20says).


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think a sizeable portion of GOP voters have said they believe [Great Replacement Theory.]( Somehow they have mentally justified being simultaneously afraid that white people becoming a minority will lead to worse


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surprised to find that this school is near the [Bridgeton landfill ]( This is the one they made a documentary about a few years ago because it had WW2 era nuclear waste dumped


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This is a list of the big ones](, and it handily includes a reference to calling Obama Hitler, too, lest it be forgotten how trivial the comparison needs to be to bring


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sure it has it's share. For schools you can look at something like []( . It has the usual suspects of higher wealth communities, unsurprising. I will comment that if you value more


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safe to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana.


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companies had to take measures to prevent cross contamination... or intentionally add and declare sesame.


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prevent cross-contamination? I hope your options for food don't become too low. Edit: sources. * * *


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recent call by scientists for a novel approach to combating it is ill-advised and arrogant."


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burden difference is about 2% []( Both states have high quality of life []( We need more allies to move to Florida it's current policies are not enticing


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Reply to comment by freakin_username in Stamford Schools by Marshforce The charter school figures in the top 5. No other stamford school is anywhere on that list. Don’t talk demographics, diversity. When one school in the same city which is private


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expert in domestic terrorism assigned to the FBI Seattle division's joint terrorism task force. Source: Why would an FBI special agent who is focused on domestic terrorism spend time actively surveilling


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