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fare-free transit, defended that position on Twitter Tuesday in response to a [Vox article]( that suggested such efforts could distract from the goal of providing reliable quality service. “What a cynical ... public good,” Wu tweeted. “Reliability & access must go hand in hand.” The [Vox article]( by David Zipper, a visiting fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Taubman Center for State


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Times: []( The Washington Post: [\_story.html]( Vox: []( I guess they're all not credible either. At some point, when you've whittled down


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relatively stable crime period. It hasn't always been this way. [one article with a graph]( There are a few points of interest recently. 1. The 9-11 spike


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that Vape or need a Smoke Shop everywhere you turn. Curious if its the same here: [](